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Disclaimer for Online Dog Show Entries

Transactions such as entering a dog show will not be accepted via email regardless of whether or not Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd., is the acting superintendent. Entries for dog shows for which Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd., is the acting superintendent will only be accepted through our online entry program. Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd., does not currently accept online entries for dog shows where Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd., or its affiliates who are not the contracted superintendent.

Receipt of an electronic message from Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd., stating that your online entry has been received does not necessarily constitute a valid entry. Due to the nature of the Internet and Internet related transactions relying on the proper and reliable functions of the operator, Internet companies, servers, and means of electronic media transmission, etc., Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd., will not be held responsible for online entry transmissions which are not received due to submission failures or electronic failures, or received but deemed not valid based on the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

  • An administrative fee of $4.00 per entry will be charged for each entry in addition to the show entry fees.
  • Entries will be taken up until the closing date and time.
  • Be sure your payment information is correct. If your credit card is declined for any reason, your entries will not be in the show.
    Per chapter 11 section 4 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows:
    – To be acceptable, an entry must: Be submitted with required entry fee.
    – No entry may be accepted unless the Superintendent or Show Secretary, named in the premium list to receive entries, receives such entry: prior to the closing date and hour as published in the premium list and in case of a limited entry, prior to the time the limit is reached.
  • After your entries have been submitted, you cannot retrieve them in any way.
  • All cancellations, changes and corrections must be made in writing prior to the close of entries. Please include the following information: Show, Show Date, Breed, Dog’s Name, AKC Number and Class. For cancellations, please include the name and address of the person that should receive the refund check.
  • Keep good records.  The system will accept duplicate entries.   We will make every effort to find all duplicate entries, but if a dog has been processed, no refund will be made.
  • Please refer to the Premium List for the classes that are offered in your breed. The online system will list all classes offered at a show, not necessarily classes offered in your breed.
  • Entry Fees shall not be refunded in the event that a dog is absent, disqualified, excused by Veterinarian or Judge, or barred from competition by action of the Event Committee. If because of riots, civil disturbances, national emergencies or other acts beyond the control of the management it is impossible to open or to complete the event, no refund of entry fee will be made. Extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, lightning, extreme heat, heavy rains, or other circumstances including the condition of the facilities or grounds, must be considered for the health and safety of the dogs, exhibitors and spectators. The well-being of dogs, exhibitors and spectators is of great importance and, in the event it is necessary to cancel or stop the event before completion, no refund of entry fee will be made.
  • You will receive a reference number after you have completed your entry and your payment has been approved. You will also receive an automated email confirmation containing this number along with a recap of your entries. Please print that summary page and take it with you to the show. If there is a problem with your entry, we may not be able to help you without that paperwork.
  • Administrative fees are non-refundable.

Click “Launch Online Entry System” if you agree with the terms above and wish to continue.