Star of Bethlehem Cluster

Hello to all our loyal exhibitors,


Today we received notice that because of new COVID19 restrictions which go into effect in Pennsylvania on November 25, 2020, the management of the Morgantown Center informed us that our venue is no longer available. With an occupancy of 5% for the building, there was no way to have our shows. It has been a long and winding road getting to this here. The virus simply out ran us to the finishing line.


Be assured that your entry fees will be returned to you in full. Rau Dog Shows will be processing those returns in a timely manor.  Refunds will be mailed to the owner/address listed on the entry.  Goal is to have refunds mailed out by Christmas.

Star of Bethlehem Cluster payments for RV and daily Prime Parking will be refunded. Checks will be shredded.


Thank you for staying with us on this journey. We are honored and grateful that you did..


We cannot tell you how hard we tried. COVID !9 has no respect for what we want.


With greatest apologies and the hope that you will be with us in 2021. be well and stay safe,


Elaine Lessig, DWGKC

Deidre Rahn,  LVKC