Photographers / Video-graphers

Miscellaneous Links

  • Dog Owner’s Guide
  • MatchShow Bulletin Information on Match Shows in the Northeastern US for over 36 years.Wealso include a Point Show Calendar as well as information on all “dog events” (seminars, workshops, health clinics, etc) sponsored by the dog clubs in our area.
  • MightyPets We specialize in electronic training collars for dogs which include basic obedience, advanced obedience and for the sporting dog.
  • EZU, Signs Was established in 1980 providing engraved and magnetic signage to dog show enthusiasts. We still serve the dog show industry and we have grown to include industrial / commercial engraving as well as business / corporate indoor and ADA signage.
  • The Psychology of Dogs

Telephone Entry Services

  • Best In Show – (800) 247-7005
  • Entries On Time -(800) 992-8955
  • K-9 Entry Service – (800)234-3043
  • Show Time – (800)798-5531

Kennel Clubs